Should the Groom See the Bride Before the Ceremony?

The practice of not seeing each other before the ceremony was
supposedly derived hundreds of years ago while marriages were
still arranged by the parents. The father of the bride was reportedly
afraid the groom might flee if his fiancée wasn't to his liking.
So they postponed the "unveiling" until the actual ceremony.

The bride and groom may wish to see each other before the
ceremony. My experience is most couples (90%) steer away from
breaking this tradition, there is a solid reason to follow a more
modern trend - taking pictures before the ceremony.

You might be getting married in a popular location that only allows 2-3 hours at the site. Once you
separate a large group of people (specifically family) - that makes it hard to re-group for certain
formal portraits of the wedding party and family members.

Think about your time-line carefully. If photographs of you as a COUPLE are important, then you
need to consider how you are going to spend time with your photographer. An experienced
photographer will be able to decide with you - listen to their ideas and learn their time-line style.

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Should Groom See Bride?